It’s Not All about Google Adwords You Know?

Google is the UK’s search engine of choice with nearly 90% of the market share, this popularity has made Adwords the most popular platform for search advertising however Google is not your only option.

Bing has been busy updating and releasing new features in a bid to improve Bing Ads and attract more advertisers. Here at AddPeople we believe that Bing Ads is often underestimated in terms of the returns it can deliver so we have listed 4 reasons why SMEs should consider giving Bing a go!

Simple to Import                                               

So you have spent months optimising your Adwords campaign and you don’t have the time to invest in Bing? Think again! Bing offer a useful tool which allows you to import your Google Adwords campaigns to the Bing Ads platform quickly and easily.

Pay Less for the Same Keywords

Adwords is certainly the most popular PPC platform but that is not always a good thing. Remember the more people bidding on your targeted keyword, the more expensive they will be. There are fewer advertisers on Bing right now so it is very likely that your keywords are going to cost you less and according to one of our PPC experts “the cost per conversion is much better too”.

Useful Reports

Bing Ads offer similar reporting to Adwords, if not better! Our favorite is the ‘Negative Keyword Conflict Report’ which allows you to discover what positive keywords are getting blocked by the negative keywords included in your campaign. Also Bing’s quality score reporting is far more comprehensive than the reports offered by Adwords. Check out this article from PPC hero for instructions on how to create these great reports.

Continuous Improvements

Bing seems to have really upped their game in the past year in a bid to gain more of Google’s majority market share. While Bing still lags behind in some areas, they are constantly working to improve their service which can be seen by the most recent developments.

Although Google receive drastically larger traffic volumes, Bing still own nearly 9% of the search engine market and claim that advertisers can reach 20.5 million

unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network in the U.K (much more if you’re targeting users globally)! Not too shabby, eh?

We are not suggesting that you drop Adwords but why not utilise both so that you maximise your reach?

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