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Help customers connect with your services today

Does your business offer a service rather than sell a product? Do you need to guide a customer to the right place?

Then you need a website designed around generating enquiries. One that informs, engages and attracts. You need a lead generation site.

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What is it?

A lead generation site utilises 3 clear and simple principles:




[icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”tiny” image=”icon-chevron-right”]Purpose

To charge visitor-interest your site’s purpose needs to be instant. Big, bold and obvious – don’t leave them in the dark about what it is you do.

[icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”tiny” image=”icon-chevron-right”]Adaptability

People don’t just use their PC to browse anymore. They’re using the phone in their pocket, the tablet on their coffee table and the desktop in their office.

Every site that we build is responsive. So your new customer can visit you on any device, anywhere, any time and enjoy streamline navigation and slick design every time.

[icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”tiny” image=”icon-chevron-right”]Simplicity

Help your customers find their way to your contact page or enquiry form. Clear calls to action, clever design and effective copy can funnel your visitor to the page you want them on.



So if a lead gen site sounds right for you business, why not choose us?
We have two packages. The enterprise range – a cost effective site designed in-house by our team. Or our tailor made sites that are built from the ground up. Create leads and build a client base. Make the most out of a lead generation website designed around your business today.

To find out why we’re right for you or to request a free website design consultation, scroll a little further on down.

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10 Reasons to choose Add People


  • Top 100 UK agency with more than 2000 customers
  • Exclusive in-house designs
  • All our websites are responsive
  • Domain and company emails included
  • WordPress content management system
  • No hidden fees
  • Google analytics installed on every site
  • Full daily backup
  • 12 months free hosting and support
  • Affordable pay monthly option


  • We have vast experience of working with businesses just like yours
  • Your website will stand out from the crowd
  • Your site will look great and function well on mobile, tablet and PC
  • We buy your domain and create a professional email address complete with mailbox allowance and full support
  • The world’s number one platform used by more than 66 million websites worldwide.
  • Add pages, edit content and banners whenever you like, totally free
  • Measure your websites performance
  • Your work will be safe and secure in case you make a mistake
  • Secure hosting, comprehensive training and support all included in your quote
  • Low up-front fees and flexible payment solutions will help your business cash flow

What You Get

  • Maximum Pages
  • Free domain
  • Bespoke In-house designs?
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile, tablet friendly
  • Google analytics installed
  • Hosting
  • Training & Support
  • Daily backup
  • FREE Content for your site

EnterpriseMost Popular

  • £54 p/m for 12 months +setup
  • 10
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  • [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”icon-remove”]
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  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • 10GB
  • Unlimited
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • 3 Pages


  • Call for quote
  • Unlimited
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • 40GB
  • Unlimited
  • [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”small” image=”icon-ok”]
  • 3 Pages