Link building tips for 2013

Effective SEO is a moving target, and with Google accelerating their pace of change the target has been moving pretty quickly over the last 12 months.

Like any good supplier, we mix the SEO ingredients to ensure the best possible results, and as Google change the rules of the game, we adapt accordingly.

One irrevocable trend to emerge through this period of change is that Google are no looking for quality relevant content submissions, not just quantity.

When applied to article submissions, our tech colleagues agree that focusing on quality submissions rather than a high quantity is now going to add value to our customers. That’s why we’re now scaling back submissions to the 5 best sites that retain value to the customer. Plus we’ll do some very minor link building to the articles to boost their relevancy.

The results are a more sustainable link demographic, less susceptible to future algorithm changes, so good news for customers.

Meanwhile our tech colleagues have been busy plotting a very new kind of SEO package service, one which allows greater service flexibility.

Here’s our link building tips for 2013:

• It’s all about quality, not quantity.
• Diversify anchor text.
• Diversify the locations from which you get links.
• In-content links are stronger than links from author bios.
• The value of links from social media sites is worthwhile
• Content is king! Create more exposure for your business by blogging, syndicating content that will naturally turn into strong inbound links