Link Building

Link building, it’s time consuming, annoying as hell and wears you down, but is it completely necessary?

Unfortunately yes. Building links to your website is going to be an integral part of your SEO for some time to come.

According to Google, you need to have high quality relevant websites that link to yours just one way, such as having a website recommending you to their customers on their website. Now of course the links have to be relevant to your industry. For example, I own an e-commerce website that sells electronic cigarettes. If I want to appear higher on the listings, I need to have not only plenty of good quality content in my website, but I also need other websites, blogs and directories that talk about my products linking their website to mine.

Now I’m sure that like most people out there you’re thinking, well that seems pretty easy – just submit myself to a shed load of free listing directories and hey presto, job done! Unfortunately it’s going to take a little more effort than that I’m afraid.  But don’t worry, there are many ways to build links for your website.

You could ask your suppliers and retailers to link to you on their website. This is a fantastically free and easy way to give your site more popularity in the search engine rankings.

Another easy way to get free links is if you have a company with a fairly good reputation; why not create a Wikipedia page for your business or add a link to your website or pages within you website to a topic specific wiki page.

Also, most forums these days allow (if you’re a member) you to leave a signature link on your posts, if you make good contributions to the forums some people may follow your link and possibly read your site, link to your site and maybe even buy your products.

There are companies out there that you can outsource your link building needs to.  The best way of finding a reputable link building company is to search on Google, the businesses that are on the first page obviously practice what they preach therefore it’s more likely that they will be able to service your needs.