Make Your Competitors Work For You

Recently, I heard a great story about how a friend of mine managed to bring a new client on board:

The client had been talking to Company A, and the salesman mentioned that he presumed the client was also talking to Company X and Company Y. The client wasn’t, but on finding out about these companies, promptly called them both and ended up doing the deal with my friend from Company Y.

The salesman from Company A had inadvertently recommended two other companies, and it came from someone with strong industry knowledge – that’s the kind of recommendation all businesses search high and low for!

Of course, to be able to achieve this, you need to have built up a good name for yourself so that your competitors are aware of you and what you do, and view you as a competitor.

It is also a lesson worth remembering yourself! Every time you talk about your competitors, you are giving them free advertising. If you have a good product and offer a great service, you shouldn’t need to talk about competitors to win business.