Dating websites have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and with one in 6 married couples meeting their other half through online dating, it’s no longer a taboo to arrange dates with strangers, after meeting within the cyber world.

So if it works for people, will it work for dogs? That’s what a new website is exploring, with their brand MatchPuppy.

Michael Chiang, who came up with the idea, decided to set up this website after realising that trying to find a breeder for his 3 year old maltese, Louis, was becoming too time consuming. Similar to human dating websites, MatchPuppy allows users to create user profiles for their canine friend. These profiles display a range of information including age, gender, breed and of course, an attractive profile picture to entice other dogs.

But does it work?

The idea of dating websites for dogs does sound pretty far-fetched, but with the additional features of parks and playdates, the idea could potentially be quite beneficial to dog owners.

The parks feature is a handy indication of how many dogs are walked within your local area. Dogs can ‘like’ certain parks, and even if you don’t meet a potential suitor for your canine, the parks feature is a handy tool to find new parks to explore from the recommendation of others.

Similar to Facebook, Match Puppy allows users to set up events called ‘Playdates’ for their pets. Playdates can be created to introduced dogs to others in a relaxed environment, whilst owners can make some new friends for themselves. With these playdates bringing owners together, who already have their love for dogs in common, the potential for human dates is possible too!

Currently, MatchPuppy is in beta and is only available in New York City, so dog lovers in the UK may have to wait a little longer to find a canine companion online.