Microsoft Integrates Bing with Xbox Kinect

Microsoft have now officially launched their new voice search technology for xbox live members who also own an xbox kinect

You may have seen the adverts recently where by a women uses only her voice to search the internet for a catalogue of films and books related to the X-Men films before finally choosing one and then watching it with her family. The obvious unique selling point of this is that she does it all from the comfort of her chair by only using her voice.

This is exciting in itself as it does cast some life on the future of search and how the use of voice recognition is going to play a big part in how users look and find relevant information. Microsoft will also of recognised the potential captive audience it has for this new technology via its xbox Kinect system. The Kinect became the biggest selling console of 2011 and potentially the millions of people who bought one will be using Bings new search system to browse the web. A very clever way of using their own technology and hardware to steer users in the direction of Bing and thus giving them a bigger slice of the search market share.

Although voice recognition technology has been used to varying degrees of success in the past it seems that finally the likes of Microsoft, Google & Apple have really found how to best utilise the technology  to really improve the end users experience and the intelligence and interaction of these systems seems set to get better and better over the next few years.