My Fitness Pal

With winter out of the way and summer just around the corner, the race to get back into our bikinis and swimming shorts has begun. On a regular basis, many of us are on the hunt for the latest diet or weight loss craze to help us lose unwanted weight, and ultimately feel good about ourselves.

As the amount of people looking to lose weight grows, so does the list of diets on offer. From Weight Watchers to Slimming World, Atkins to Cabbage Soup, the diets are never-ending. So with the new contender, My Fitness Pal entering the diet arena, how will it size up with its competitors?

So what is My Fitness Pal?

My Fitness Pal is a website based around watching what you eat and combining it with exercise to reach weight loss goals. Everything you eat is recorded, and your daily calorie intake is calculated, which allows the user to understand what foods are accounting for the most calories, and encourages the user to choose healthy alternatives, to stay below the daily calorie guidelines, in order to lose weight.

As losing weight alone can be both difficult and sometimes a rather lonely task, users of My Fitness Pal are encouraged to join a community of like minded people who wish to lose weight. Similar to other social networking sites, My Fitness Pal encourages interaction with others, such as friends and family members. The site also runs several forums that users can actively post on, to help build up a strong support network for anyone looking to lose weight.

In order to keep up with demand, My Fitness Pal has developed an app which can be downloaded to mobile phones. This app allows the user to monitor everything they eat throughout the day, and leads to complete control over how many calories are being eaten every day.

One of the benefits of using My Fitness Pal is that every time the user exercises, they’re rewarded with more calories for that particular day. Similar to food, each exercise is listed with the amount of calories used, so it allows the user to understand how hard to push themselves whilst exercising. It then calculates how many more calories could be consuming, whilst still being on track to lose weight. Basically the more the user exercises, the higher the allowance of calories will be.