New Google Adwords Interface

Google Adwords has a new interface! Having been in beta for some time and being able to flip between the new and the old interface it now looks like finally Google has migrated all Adwords accounts over to the new interface. There are differing opinions about whether this is good or bad but with Google being all powerful you have no option but to go with the changes. Some people hate change but working in a technological and rapidly changing market you better get used to it.

There are many advantages to the new interface such as being able to tab along ad groups, keywords etc and more however there are some things that lead to question how ‘new’ the ‘new’ interface is. E.g. click on tools and them more tools and nothing has changed. Some of it seems strangely the same showing not much has really changed.

If you use Adwords editor I suppose not much will change either as you can still make most changes through the editor. It also shows Google is always trying new things and pushing forward.

This recent article:

shows that Google is responding to the developments at Yahoo, always making sure it stays ahead.

Although I have seen the new interface and analytics crash a lot more in recent times I am sure once the bugs are sorted out managing accounts will become much easier and better.