Our Guide to Thumb-Stoppingly Good Facebook Ads

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There’s no denying that social media is getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. Just when we think we’ve got it all, a new social network comes out to play, or the ones we know so well update to make themselves even more expansive.

As social media expands, so can your business. Small or big, your company can use the power of big names like Facebook to its advantage – you’ve just got to know how to do it properly.

What should I do?

Before you dive straight into posting endless status updates, and aimlessly paying Facebook for your adverts, you’ve got to really think and plan your strategy. There’s a lot more to Facebook advertising than you might realise. If a social media campaign is done well, you’ll see great results; if it’s not done well, you’re just pouring money down a drain.

Facebook is a big network with a lot of companies, some feeding off the delicious and profitable fruit that the site has to offer, and some just out of reach.

The difference between these two kinds of businesses? The ones getting bigger from all the fruit of this magical marketing tree have a strong campaign in place, whereas the others just don’t know where to start or how to make the most of it.

What makes a successful campaign?

You want to know what makes a campaign successful before laying a strategy out. If you don’t already know, fear not – we’re about to tell you.

So, what does prove a successful campaign? (Drum roll, please…)

The results!

They are what show that the campaign works, and therefore, what makes all the hard work worthwhile. Good and well worked-out Facebook campaigns will see a positive impact – particularly for smaller businesses – throughout the process, including:

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Increase in in-store sales
  • Increase in online sale
  • Successful promotion of an app or offer

What works best?

Facebook is already designed to be the perfect marketing tool for your business – there’s so much you can do on it to reach out to the Facebook community, whether local or worldwide, and it’s only going to get better too.

But there are a few extra things you should put into practice to promote interaction and engagement with the Facebook community, and ultimately achieve the best kinds of results for your business.

The design:

When it comes to designing your campaign, there are a few things that you need to think about, including:

Focal point: Every business campaign needs a focal point. This is what will bring it all back to your brand and business after all. So consider how the advert or post relates to your brand. Is it getting your point across clearly and concisely?

Brand link: Adverts perform better when it’s easy to establish a quick link between the ad and the brand. It’s easy for you to do too – just add a link and you’re on your way.

Brand personality: Can you see some personality shining through? Can you see the ad relating to the audience that you want it to? You want to make your business come alive on Facebook, so be authentic and be consistent with what you put out there.

Innocent have perfected their brand personality- here’s just one example of their excellent marketing campaign.


Informational reward: Is the information in the ad interesting and engaging? Or is it just telling them something they know already? Your posts should entice people, and stop them in their tracks (or stop their thumbs from scrolling).

Emotional reward: It’s proven that ads that give an emotional response often perform better, which is exactly why images work so well. A13249487_10154108014973605_1983656965_nnd animal videos – everyone loves animal videos.

Noticeability: How will your advert stand out from the rest when people are scrolling down their News Feed on a computer, phone or tablet? What makes them think ‘wait a second, what is this?’ – this is your chance to get creative.

Call to action: It’s so important to include a call to action. Ads with this element neatly added into it are far more successful. Plus, it’s a win win: including a strong call to action makes it easy for your customers to sign up and learn more, AND you get the site visits you want and the data you need.

The content:

Content is so important to any campaign. It’s about what you write, how you write it, where you write it, when you write it, and who you are writing it to.

But that’s just the rules with content generally. You should consider how to make your content fit for Facebook, on top of those factors.

Not really sure how? Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you in the dark – here are some basic tips on how to make Facebook-friendly content and how to get the engagement you want from it:

Stories and facts


Stories present content in a way that intrigues readers and gets them gripped. This all comes down to the fact that everyone has a natural curiosity and desire for facts and information. In short, we’re all just plain nosey.

Delving into something deeper than just a generic pitch gives you a chance to show off your brand’s personality too. Don’t just see your Facebook posts as an opportunity to sell, see them as an opportunity to engage and expand your audience.

Keep it punchy with some personality – get the right balance and you’ll see the results you want.


In this day and age, people are mostly using their phones to go on social media. On the go, waiting for a bus, or when you’re mindlessly sat in front of the TV – scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed is the perfect pastime.

That’s why you want to create content that is thumb-stoppingly good. (Translation: content that is so good that it makes thumbs stop scrolling.)

What will grab people’s attention? This involves not only what is written, but how the content is laid out and what it might be laid out with.

Cough cough, people like images, cough cough.

Using or pairing your content with a compelling and captivating image for your ad is one way to help attract the user’s eye, enough to make them stop mid-scroll so they can see what it’s all about.

Nike shows us how to pair content with compelling and captivating imagery in many of their posts- here’s one example:


Quality content

Quality content is likeable content. It should always be easy to read, and be the kind of content that just gets your post noticed among the rest of a News Feed.

When it comes to Facebook, we know that keeping content short and to the point works. That means breaking up the content in your posts into smaller units, and not going overboard on the amount of words you use.

Research shows that posts under 80 characters long get the most engagement, so work with quality over quantity.

Content franchises

For those planning on doing a series of adverts on Facebook, you want them to be similar. There should be a connection between the string of adverts that flicks a switch in the consumers’ minds and brings them back to you.

Having brand consistency is key to building brand awareness, particularly through Facebook advertising. It can be done through the images you use, the style of writing you use, and the personality that shines through your posts.

Getting the most out of Facebook

It’s true, getting the results you want doesn’t come as easy as putting a status update on your business page, but if you’re doing it right then you’ll see the benefits.

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