Rankings vs Business

As a company in the Internet marketing industry, we come across people every day wanting to rank number one for a particular search phrase.

But what does this actually mean?

Do they want to rank number one because they assume that it will automatically make them millionaires? Or is it because they know that what’s needed is to get traffic to their site, and therefore give them the chance to do what they do best: sell their product?

While on the face of it, there does not seem to be much difference between the two, in reality it can be the distinction between having a successful online business, and… not.

It’s amazing how many websites I come across that give no obvious way to contact the company (why are they trying to hide away?), or when I do ring the number no one picks up the phone  (if you’re busy, get an answerphone!). Assuming I’m on the internet to buy (check out our last blog for the difference between browsers and buyers), that website has just lost me as a potential customer.

It is really important for website owners to look at the bigger picture. Don’t get bogged down in checking your Search Engine Rankings ten times a day. Get some good analytics onto your site, so that you can look at the actual traffic hitting your business. There is also nothing like human feedback; get friends, relatives, loyal customers to give you their frank opinions on your website and ways in which it can be improved.

There are two very simple things that make me like a website:

  1. I can easily find what I am looking for; I don’t want to be spending ages trawling through pages to find what I originally searched for.
  2. I can easily see how to contact the company. In a world where Internet scams are becoming more prevalent, I want to know that there is someone on the end of a phone who is helpful and gives me faith in them.

Good rankings are undoubtedly one of the first steps in driving traffic to your website, but rankings alone are not going to make your business a success.