Read This 7 Point Checklist Before Taking The Plunge With Google AdWords

Roughly 8 out of 10 buying decisions in the UK start with a Google search, making it an unbeatable advertising platform in terms of reach.

In this digital age people are constantly performing internet searches on their mobile devices whilst on the move.  This is great news for local businesses as it makes it much easier for potential customers to find you!

If you rely on local trade then you will find that there is great growth potential to be gained from setting up a Google AdWords campaign in order to make your website easier to find in Google searches relevant to your industry or products.

But wait a moment… If Google AdWords provides so much potential to small and medium sized businesses why aren’t more small businesses shooting to the top of Google?

The fact remains that many small businesses fail to get returns on Google AdWords because they haven’t planned accordingly or don’t have the time to learn how to use AdWords effectively.  So before you dive in read our 7 point checklist to help you plan for AdWords success.

Check #1 – Has your website got a clear purpose?

Have you thought what exactly you want your website visitors to do? If you go back to basics on this then chances are that you can narrow it down to filling in a form, calling you directly, or buying your products.
It’s amazing how many small businesses fall down on this relatively simple principle by making it hard for people to do the very thing that their website is built for.

Check #2 – Does your website convert?

Extending on check 1, our own research found that more than 60% of small businesses had major issues with their website that were preventing them from achieving their goals.

So is your website achieving its objective? Analytics can provide a veritable gold mine of data to track performance. Understanding whether your website is fulfilling its purpose is the first step to addressing any problems.

Check #3 – Define what success actually means

Am I selling more? Am I getting phone calls?

Both are valid questions but without quantifying their value it’s all pretty meaningless. Before investing, think carefully about the following:

  • How much profit do I make on each order?
  • How many orders have I received?
  • How many customers do I have?

Using these figures you can calculate your average customer lifetime value (or LTV) using the following formula.

Customer lifetime value (LTV) = (Profit per order * Number of orders) / Number of customers

Once you’ve got the answer to this simple equation you’ll know what a customer is really worth to you, and you will know how much you’re prepared to spend on acquiring them.

Check #4 – Obsess About Targeting

Like any form of advertising, you want to focus your budget on attracting visitors who may actually buy.  It’s important to use the tools that Google provides you with to do this.

Use Google’s tools to learn more about location based targeting, keyword research, ad grouping and writing great ad copy. Once you’ve learned to use these tools you’ll be well on your way to success.

Check #5 – Give Them a Reason

People love a freebie, so think of an offer with a big perceived benefit that costs you nothing except maybe a bit of your time. A free review, discount or quote is ideal.

Also, be sure to make it easy for users by directing their clicks to the web page most relevant to their search.  If you have a specific product page send them there instead of your homepage, or consider using targeted landing pages that are designed to channel visitors through an enquiry form.

Check #6 – Gut check… Do you have the time to do this?

This check list really covers basic concepts and key business considerations to think about before you invest in a Google AdWords campaign.  Many small business owners simply don’t have the time to learn the complexities of Pay-per-Click marketing.

Google AdWords takes time to master and will not work perfectly from day one, even for the most basic needs. So before you go any further ask yourself “do I honestly have the time to do this myself?”

Check #7 – Look for the badge

There are about 300 UK based marketing agencies who have earned the right to carry the Google Agency Partners badge. This means the agency is trusted by Google and complies with the following principles.

  • They will be honest and transparent with you
  • They have at least one Google qualified professional working for them.
  • They may offer some free advertising incentive to help you get started on AdWords.
  • They will have some access to people at Google who can help with any issues on your campaign and keeps them up to date with Google developments.


We hope you found some useful advice in here.

Remember, Add People can offer a Free and Impartial Website Review to help see if your business website is ready for AdWords. Give us a call on 0161 662 5130 quoting “AdWords Starter Guide” when you call or email