Recession Survival Tips For Online Businesses

Smashing Magazine, home to many interesting and helpful articles, posted an article which I think would be of great interest to our customers and friends: Recession Survival Tips For Online Businesses. Recent years have been a tough climate for businesses around the world, and surviving the recession is something that we all worry about. This article gives several very good, common-sense tips and tactics for strengthening your business during tough economic times.

“In a recession, companies go one of two ways: either they become the cautious cat, adopting a wait-and-see attitude, spending carefully on their marketing and less overall, cutting back, or they become the ferocious lion, bold, taking advantage of their competitors’ caution to seize opportunities in the tough market.

Whatever your approach, remember that Web marketing is a great investment during a recession. Online marketing, though a short-term endeavor, is quick to set up, measurable and, as a result, easily optimizable. It can be infinitely better than a lock-in marketing strategy or partnership, especially in a poor economic climate.”

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