Our Charity…

CAFT- The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

The charity is based in the heart of Cheshire’s countryside at the beautiful Booth Bank Farm. The charity continues to host a variety of memorable activities for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children throughout the North West.

At CAFT disability has never and will never be seen as a barrier in life. The needs of the children visiting the charity at Booth Bank Farm completely vary, but every single child is treated as an individual. They strongly believe that ALL children have the right to play and have fun in a safe environment but sadly this is not the case for a lot of children in the UK.

CAFTs History

CAFT was founded in 1985 by Tim Grundy. Why did he create CAFT? In the early eighties Tim donated a number of bikes to a youth centre, and when he asked, ” Is there anything else the children need?” the reply he received was ” What these kids really need is a holiday, but they’ll never get the opportunity”.

CAFT became a realism.

In 1989 CAFT bought Booth Farm (the current home of the charity), all fundraising was aimed to renovation and building work to the farm.

In 1992 the Adventure farm became a reality and the first children came on holiday to CAFT.

In 2000, son of Manchester Sir Bobby Charlton became the President of CAFT. Sir Bobby then helped CAFT open up their new sports hall and assisted with the charities new video.

In 2009, the Adventure Farm finally succeeded in its aim to open the doors all year round 24/7.

Finally in 2010, CAFT celebrated its 25th anniversary.

How Add People Have Raised Money For CAFT

At Add People we’ve always got charity on our mind- from simpler fund raising events such as; cake sales and hosting events. Too much more extreme events such as; bike riding in Cambodia to trekking in Morocco.

We are proud to support CAFT in their pursuit to improve the lives of children less fortunate than others.

We implore you, if you believe you can help CAFT out in anyway way, as a business or individual, visit CAFT’s website and contact them.