Match Campaigns & Keywords to Phone Calls – Google Analytics Integration – Prove & Improve ROI

Ruler Analytics ‘closes the loop’ between marketing and sales by matching real customer data against the exact marketing source from which it was generated. Utilising visitor level journey tracking to definitively calculate ROI for every marketing channel.

Key Benefits

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    Match Keywords To Phone Calls e.g. Google Adwords & Organic

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    Re-Provide Google Not Provided Keywords

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    Listen To Call Recordings

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    Save Money On Advertising That Isn’t Working

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    Refine Your SEO And AdWords Spend

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    Keyword Level Tracking

Traffic Sources

The sources report makes it easy to identity which are your most effective and least effective marketing channels by matching real customers information such as visits, conversions (leads or sales), phone calls and revenue (if applicable) against the exact marketing source from which it was generated.

Recent Conversions

The Recent conversions report shows your most recent leads or sales via your website including the date, time and revenue (if applicable).

Clicking through takes you to a more detailed report providing information about the visitor including what they did and the marketing campaign source.

Recent Phone Calls

The Recent calls report shows you your most recent phone calls in real time including the callers number, the date and time of the call, the duration of the call and a button to listen a recording of the call.

Clicking through takes you to a more detailed report providing the marketing campaign source, whether the call was answered or not and how long it took to answer.

This allows you to:

Identify which marketing campaigns are delivering phone calls.

Make operational improvement by identifying when calls are missed and take too long to be answered.

Analyse the quality of inbound calls by listening to the recording to ensure calls are answered promptly and dealt with effectively.

Recent Companies

The Recent Companies report shows you real companies that have visited your website as well as the pages they where looking at. Ruler also provides the companies contact details and links to view the employees and financial history.


The Pages report allows you to see the most popular pages on your website. This is based on not only pages that have the most visitors but also pages that generate the most conversions, phone calls and revenue.

This is useful for quickly identifying effective pages that convert well and pages that don’t. As with other reports, you can drill down to analyse the quality of the conversion and/or phone call and therefore base potential strategic changes to any pages on quality of the end result. It also makes it straightforward to split test landing pages based on their effectiveness as well as conversion and phone call quality.


View the websites that drive traffic to your website and in turn generate conversions, phone calls, sales and revenue. As with other reports you can drill down to analyse the conversions and phone calls in more detail. You can even click through to see the page on the referring site that delivered the traffic.

The Referrals report is particularly useful for measuring the effectiveness of partner sites and advertising sites which driving traffic to your website.


The keyword report allows you to see the exact keywords that are driving visits, conversions, phone calls and revenue to your site.

This in turn enables you to optimise your marketing campaigns based on the real outcome rather than traffic or a conversion count. This is particularly useful when your sale value or lead quality can vary greatly.

Phone Call Stats

The Phone Call Stats report allows you to see an overview of the detail of your phone calls received including the number of calls, the number of missed calls (and percentage of), the average call duration and the average time to answer. Clicking on the numbers allows you to drill down into the detail of the phone calls. This report is particularly useful for operations to ensure that marketing efforts are not going to waste.