Search Query Reports

Google offers a wide range of reporting functions to help you with your campaigns. One of the best reports to use is the search query report. This tells us all the terms you have been found under, thus expanding your broad match terms so you can bid on all the keyword variations you are found under anyway. With these reports you often see some irrelevant, or random search terms which clearly demonstrates one of the ways Google makes so much money.  E.g., if you bid on the word shed you may find you are match to shed some skin or Shed Seven – that 90s indie band! This is however to your advantage as you can then add in negatives and extra relevant keywords that have been found to have been matched to your broad matches. It is quite a risky strategy from Google allowing you to do this as people may become a bit annoyed when they see themselves broad matched to irrelevant keywords. Use this report every 30 days or so to really tighten up your camapigns and make sure the traffic you are getting is targetted. In terms of transparency this is a good move by Google as it shows you exactly what broad match really does and the bredth of terms people are typing in. You can always double up this with SEO and use the long tailed terms to get some quality traffic through.