SEO and Patience

I’ve always thought that search optimisation was a bit like being a gardener – you do the bulk of the work at the start, clearing away weeds and dead growth, preparing the ground, fertilising it, and planting your seeds.

You know that it will take time to see your site bloom.

Optimising a site is very much like that. After you start, you may have a temporary drop in results before things start growing again…the ground looks bare, and what you have planted takes time to grow to visibility.  You watch for the first positive signs, nuturing them and refining your strategy. And you wait.

It takes patience, and trust that you will see the fruits of your labour. To return to our garden analogy, a strategy that combines PPC and search optimisation are a bit like buying vegetables and fruit at the store (pay per click) for immediate consumption while you wait to reap the results of your work (search optimisation). As your organic results improve (gosh, the gardening analogies are endless!), you can spend less on pay per click.

Google AdWords and other pay per click strategies will have an immediate return on your investment – you get what you pay for, and with expert advice you will get a good result from the money that you spend. Organic search, on the other hand, can take months to see results. I would say a minimum of two months to see any solid changes, and those changes will extend for another two or four months after that. Like gardening, your work is never done; you’ll refine and study your web analytics and change strategy based upon those results.

Here’s wishing you all green thumbs and great organic search results…and plenty of patience.  🙂