Social Media Hits The Big Time

At the beginning of the month, Nielsen released their most recent stats on how Americans spend their time on the Internet. I’ve done a quick breakdown for you of the main stats (relevant to Internet marketing):

  • 22.7% of time is spent on social networks (up 43% from this time last year)
  • 4.0% of time on email (down by 28%)
  • 3.5% of time on search (up by 1%)

There is now absolutely no denying that Social Media is massive, and from the looks of it, here to stay. For website owners this means that Social Media Optimisation is an absolute must.

If you needed any more proof, in October of this year a film is going to be released about Facebook – The Social Network. Granted, the Facebook story is a great one but Hollywood investing in it demonstrates how Social Networking has migrated from a fun pastime for teenagers into a global phenomenon.

Do you want to be sitting in the sidelines still learning what Twitter is while your competitors streamline the effectiveness of their Social Media strategies and reap the rewards?