Social Media in the Automotive Industry

A survey of 2000 people that have either purchased a new car in the past 12 months, or are looking to purchase a vehicle in the next 12 months, revealed some surprising results over varying stages of the purchase cycle.  The report indicated the growing impact of social media, in the form of person to person marketing, is huge and social media is fast becoming a must in any automotive internet marketing campaign.  Automotive companies actively engaging customers in social media can effectively turn those customers into loyalists and supporters of the brand as a whole.

The survey by reported that consumers that had not yet purchased a new vehicle would look to Social Media to help research which vehicle to buy. This could be in the form of customer reviews or by interacting with fellow social media users, forums etc.

Consumers that love a particular brand are likely to recommend the brand on social networking websites.  In addition, consumers who are loyal to a car dealership or car leasing company, are even more likely to give out recommendations on social networks, than they would recommending a brand.

Facebook users have admitted that a Facebook post has influenced their decision in terms of adding a brand or model to a prospective purchase list.  Facebook users have also admitted that dealership or leasing company recommendations had also influenced who they have purchased from or will purchase from in the future.

Consumers who have purchased a vehicle are highly likely to broadcast a purchase on a social media platform and are just as likely to broadcast good and bad experiences of ownership too.

Social media likes, tweets, posts, reviews, comments are all playing a big part in influencing purchase decisions in the automotive industry. It’s important to stay involved by engaging users and interacting, especially after the initial purchase when a consumer is getting to know their brand new vehicle.

The early results from this report, show that social media is growing to be a resource for shoppers and it is imperative those automotive companies to grow with it.