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Social media marketing & what it’s all about

In a nutshell, social media marketing is the new form of ‘word of mouth’, working pretty much the same as the old “people-based marketing” that we all know, except on a much BIGGER scale.

It gives you the chance to connect with your customers – engage, educate, understand their needs, turn loyal customers into your very own brand ambassadors, and so much more.

Think about it: the way we shop, research products, seek recommendations, connect with businesses and brands, and even access information has changed so dramatically over the past few years, and that’s all down to technology and social media.

Social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have revolutionised the way we search, so what better reason to get involved?


Our clients have seen the benefits

But you don’t need to just take our word for it. Our clients have been reaping the benefits of our social media expertise, seeing the positives of:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased physical footfall
  • Gained valuable customer insights
  • Increased phone enquiries
  • New customer data gathered
  • Connecting with new and existing customers
  • Reached new audiences



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Which social media solution is right for you?

We offer a range of social media solutions for businesses at all different stages of their journey, including:



Local Awareness Ads

Want to reach out to your local audience? Local Awareness ads on Facebook do just that, allowing you to target and connect to those near you, whether they are within walking distance or just a few miles away. Far more effective than other kinds of advertising like in newspapers or direct mail, it’s great for your budget too.




Lead Generation Ads

Provide your customers with an easy way to fill out forms on Facebook with Lead Generation ads. Whether you’re using it to collect subscriptions, sign-ups for newsletters or to give out information, Lead ads let you get the high quality leads your business wants, whilst making it super easy for your customers with a pre-filled out form and a simple call-to-action button.



paid advertising

Competition Ads

A great way to create a buzz around your new product or service, competition campaigns will get the interaction and engagement you want from customers and potential customers. The benefit of this? Done properly and you will see an increase in your brand awareness, on top of gaining valuable marketing research to help you in future campaigns.



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Video Marketing

Want to showcase a new product or service? Using video marketing is a sure fire way to gain an interest in your brand, educating your customers and showing your business in all its glory. Provide the video yourself or even ask us to do it for you – we’ll set a budget and a target to suit you and your business objectives.



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Not sure which social media service is right for your business? Get in touch to speak with one of our experts.

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Don’t get left behind! Help your business reach its full potential online with the right social media service.


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To find out more give us a call on 08450 30 44 44, or click the button below to request a call back.




Runway Pilates
“Add People created a video and ran a campaign that really brought our Lazybum fitness campaign to life on Facebook. It got lots of people talking about it and our video was viewed thousands of times. We’ve got more likes but most importantly leads, we’ve got a lot of leads out of it which is great because it’s actually helped us to bring more people into the studio.”