This is Nick’s Add People Story
(it could be yours next)

“Hello, it’s Barry. How are you doing? You alright, is it a good time?” This can be heard many times throughout the office on a daily basis. It’s now well-known as the ‘Barry Hello’. Barry has spent the last 6 years at Add People making his way through our ranks, originally joining as an SEO account manager and is now responsible for all technical project management.

Nick Gardner – Training Manager

Training Management
SEO Knowledge
Top Notch
Customer Service
Golfing Ability
Took a photos of some golfers..

Who Is Nick?

What are you known for professionally?

Company Training Manager- Ex SEO Analyst and Account Manager to boot!

What do you have a knack for?

For delivering groan-worthy puns to any given situation (I love that sense of humour, but unfortunately not everyone else does!). I’m also known for occasionally putting my foot in it with a badly-timed joke or two!

How long have you been doing what you do?

The puns? Most of my life… It’s especially bad when I’m with my dad and brother. We egg each other on until my mum and sister can’t take it anymore.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

I enjoy breaking down the technical jargon and helping people understand something they didn’t before.
I love marketing and the psychology behind it, influencing people to buy from you is very interesting to me, it changes the way you look at everyday world and how we are all being influenced by the big companies and the media.

What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy? What can’t you stop talking about

I love spending time with Alfie, my black Labrador; I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He’s my best mate and always makes me feel better, I love having him around. I just wish I could bring him to work so he’s not on his own so much..
My second passion has to be football – I’m a big Man City fan and yes, I was here when we were rubbish.. Even though I occasionally become disillusioned with the game, too much money and player power, it still keeps drawing me back in

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

A big dog walk along the river (so he can have a good swim) then back to a Sunday dinner, followed by a cosy up on the sofa and an afternoon of TV and snoozing. Oh, and Alfie snoring at my feet.. Happy days!

Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now?

Rochdale, rite up in’t North o Manchester, just before the Pennines where all the clouds gather for a party. You wouldn’t have to ask why I moved if you’d been there!
Cleveland Campbell and I went to the same school, although I’m about 20 years older, so we never actually met until working at Add People…

What are you surprisingly good at?

Not at writing this bio that’s for sure. I’ve been stuck on this question for ages. Move on, nothing to see here…

Any awards or medals, or even medallions? Personal okay, too.

Google Squared Course Completion (for an 8 month course I deserved more than the flimsy certificate I received)
Climbing up 3 big Italian Volcanoes for CAFT
Biking across Costa Rica and dislocating my finger for CAFT
Being abused as Father Christmas for CAFT (they pulled my beard off)

Nick’s Add People Timeline…

  • Connector.Connector.

    SEO Executive - 2012

    Barry then rose to executive ranks becoming an SEO executive, getting stuck into clients’ accounts and delivering a touch of class to wherever he could. He continued in this role for the next 18 months

  • Connector.Connector.

    Website Account Manager 2015

    Due to his interest in the creative process of website design, Barry took the opportunity to move into a newly developed role. He took the reins in account management before moving into his current role in project management

  • Connector.Connector.

    2010 - SEO Account Manager

    Barry joined Add People as a fresh-faced SEO account manager, spending 18 months in the role

  • Connector.Connector.

    2014 - Senior SEO Account Manager

    There was an opening for a senior SEO account manager. Barry applied internally and won the job over external candidates. This was the role where Barry’s oh-so-famous opening line was created

  • Connector.Connector.

    2016 - Present - Project Manager

    After all the years in customer service, seeing projects through from start to finish, Barry moved into his current role of full project management. He’s now responsible for the day-to-day work schedule of the creative team, making sure that all deadlines are met and that clients are kept up to date with their projects