How to Install Facebook’s New ‘Call to Action’ Button on Your Business Page

Next time you login to your Facebook business page you may notice something a little different.  In December last year Facebook launched their new ‘call to action’ buttons in the US and yesterday the new feature arrived in the UK too. The new feature is only a very small change, but it’s potentially a powerful one.  It seems that Facebook …

Facebook Launches Social Business Tool ‘Work’ To Pilot Test Group

Today Facebook announced the pilot launch of a new social platform called ‘Work’. Earlier on in the year there were rumours that Facebook was looking to produce a platform to rival LinkedIn, today we’ve gained a little more insight on this potential new product. What is the vision? Facebook say they have produced new social network Work to make social …

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

If your business doesn’t already have a presence on social media then it’s probably on your to-do list. Research shows that on average about a quarter of time spent online in the UK is spent browsing social media websites, so it’s unsurprising that there’s a real buzz amongst businesses about ‘social media marketing’.

Are You Anti-Social?

Social media has transformed the way we communicate with each other and as a result, it is changing the way we do business too. Did you know that 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision? (Source: Nielsen) It is clear that consumers are attaching more value to social media but SMEs don’t seem to …

Facebook Stock Floatation

Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg have now begun steps to start trading the company publicly on the US stock exchange.