16 Reasons Your Google AdWords Campaign Didn’t Work (And How to Fix it!)

Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to advertise your business online using Google AdWords? Perhaps you ended the relationship too abruptly. It may have been a case of: it wasn’t AdWords, it was you. As a small business owner you’ve probably heard about the benefits of advertising using Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform AdWords. AdWords can be extremely effective at driving highly relevant …

AdWords Campaign Building: The Basics

So, you’ve signed up for your AdWords account, and now all you have to do is build your first campaign. Now what?

It’s understandable if you’ve got a bit of writer’s block. After all, you’re putting your own money into this, and you don’t want to waste it. But fight that panic, take a deep breath and read on for a few tips…

Google AdWords Glossary, Part I

Click-through rates, cost per conversion, quality scores… These are all familiar terms to me, and to the people sitting around me in Add People’s Pay per Click department. But what do they all mean? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep all the Google AdWords terminology straight in your head, so here’s a glossary you can refer to in times of befuddlement…

Convert to Conversion Tracking

How is your AdWords campaign doing? Sometimes, it can be hard to know. Even if you have Google Analytics installed, it can be difficult to know which keywords are bringing the buying traffic, and which are bringing in the browsers.

It goes without saying that the more buying customers you can bring to your site, the better. Conversion tracking, if installed correctly, can help you figure out which keywords to push and which to cut back on.

Writing Effective Google Ads

So, you have a Google Adwords account. You’ve created your first advertising campaign, put in your keywords and negatives, and you just have to write your ads.

Now what?

Pay-per-Click: A Recipe for Success

There are millions of people using Google every second – that’s a lot of potential visitors to your site, and only a fraction of them are looking for what you’re selling. When you’re paying for every click your ad gets, it’s important to make sure that your visitors are potential customers.

New Google Adwords Interface

Google Adwords has a new interface! Having been in beta for some time and being able to flip between the new and the old interface it now looks like finally Google has migrated all Adwords accounts over to the new interface. There are differing opinions about whether this is good or bad but with Google being all powerful you have …