Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

If your business doesn’t already have a presence on social media then it’s probably on your to-do list. Research shows that on average about a quarter of time spent online in the UK is spent browsing social media websites, so it’s unsurprising that there’s a real buzz amongst businesses about ‘social media marketing’.

Are You Anti-Social?

Social media has transformed the way we communicate with each other and as a result, it is changing the way we do business too. Did you know that 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision? (Source: Nielsen) It is clear that consumers are attaching more value to social media but SMEs don’t seem to …

The Retweet Effect

So, you have a corporate Twitter account. You’ve even got a few followers, and most of them are customers. That’s a good position to be in!

Probably the best thing you can aim for now is retweets. If one of your followers “RT”s one of your tweets, that means it shows up on the feed of all of their followers – and that’s free advertising for your company.

So what’s the best way to get retweeted?

One Stop Guide To Twitter Advertising

Twitter have spent the past 6 months heavily promoting their advertising options and introducing new ones. They have been very cautious with their platform and are still mostly in testing phase with advertisers. To me, everything that is written on Twitter is advertising in one form or another. Here, I am going to be explaining their paid advertising platform. Promoted Tweets …

What’s Trending? PPC and Twitter

What’s trending on Twitter right now? Take a look down the right-hand bar next to your feed. More often than not, you’ll see the names of celebrities, TV programmes or films, or upcoming events or news stories. Sometimes, though, you might strike it lucky.

If you see something connected to your business area appear as a Twitter trend, that means everybody (generally speaking) is talking about it. What can that mean for your PPC campaign?