The Business Guide To Posting On Social Media

Getting your business set up on social media is an exciting and progressive decision,and yet those that try to do it themselves often get it wrong.

Many companies find that once they’ve completed setting up their wonderful new profiles they’re left scratching their heads about what to post, and can inevitably end up leaving their pages to go stale.

Registering profiles on a variety of social media platforms can be extremely beneficial to your business, but only when used properly and updated regularly.

Remember that if you decide to go social you’ll need to commit to dedicating time each week to manage and run these profiles.  If left to gather dust or run themselves they are unlikely to have any value to your business.

Setting up your profile is just the beginning!

For your business to be successful on social media you need to treat it as an on-going commitment by engaging and nurturing your following on each platform with regular content and communication.

Each social platform is different, as is every business, so there is no definitive guide to how often you should be posting to your profiles or what kind of posts will be a success, but in this blog we aim to give you a rough idea of what you should be aiming for.


How frequently to post

Different social media platforms are used in different ways, what is acceptable on one platform may not be received as well on another so it’s important to understand how to approach each one.

Twitter is a fast moving platform by nature, often moving in real-time like a live conversation, so this is the platform that you should be posting on the most frequently.

People browse Facebook to catch up with friends so it can become irritating to see adverts from the same business popping up very frequently in your newsfeed, that’s why it’s generally better not to post to Facebook more than once or twice a day.

LinkedIn and Google+ are primarily used for business purposes so people are used to seeing businesses promoting themselves, however these platforms aren’t particularly fast-paced so try not to post too much too frequently or you risk clogging up people’s newsfeeds and becoming an annoyance. Anything from one or two posts a week to two a day is acceptable.

Visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can also be updated regularly, just beware of posting too much at once, instead try to space your posts out.


What to post?

The biggest mistake that businesses are guilty of making time and time again on social media is forgetting the 80/20 rule.  It is ok to promote your business on social media, but you need to provide your customers with content that is going to be of value or interest to them as well, not just bombard them relentlessly with promotional material about your products and services.

People use social media in their leisure time to be entertained and to communicate with friends; they’re not usually looking to buy when browsing social media so you need to be subtle in your approach.

When planning content to share and publish on social media remember that at least 80% of what you share should be non-promotional and only 20% should directly promote your brand, product or service.  The larger percentage of your posts should be interesting, engaging and shareable content relevant to your industry or business that you believe will be of value to your followers.

If you over promote your business on social media it can be a real turn off for fans and even give your business a negative image or result in previous fans ‘unfollowing’ your business.


Stuck for what to post and share? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Your own original content – eg. company news, blogs, photos, videos
  • Showcase your products
  • Other people’s content – share relevant blogs and news from elsewhere online
  • Engaging/shareable images
  • Ask and answer questions from your target audience
  • Hold competitions
  • Promote special offers/new products


How to post?

Try to keep your posts, short, succinct and eye-catching. Posts that contain images and videos usually perform best so try to accompany any plain text statuses with an image for best results.  If you’re talking about another person or business who is on Facebook then tag them by typing @theirusername to encourage engagement and sharing of your posts.

Keep in the forefront of your mind that your posts need to be of value or interest to your customers and you won’t go wrong.  Post a good mix of entertaining and informative posts and remember to engage with your customers and other people in your industry whenever you get the chance to.


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