The importance of Google Analytics for small businesses

Google analytics is a great tool that tracks visitors to a website and provides vital statistics that can be used to measure the websites performance. Majority of our customers are already using analytics however there are still some that are not taking advantage of this free service.

Here are some the basic questions you can answer about your website when analysing the information provided by analytics:

How many people are visiting my website?

Every website owner should be able to identify how many visitors they are getting to their website, knowing this will give you a quick insight on your websites performance and is useful when measuring the success of marketing campaigns and promotions.

Why are people leaving my website?

This question can be answered using the bounce rate statistic; this is discovering how quickly people are leaving your website after just visiting one page. If you have a high bounce rate on a certain webpage, you may want to consider editing/adding content or redesigning that page so as to make it more effective. A high bounce rate will only be desired if you are promoting other websites or if a webpage has a call of action such as making a phone call on a ‘contact us’ page.

What keywords is my website appearing for in the search engines?

Using the keywords tool in analytics will give you the opportunity to see what keywords visitors are using in the search engines that are displaying your website. Discovering these keywords is fundamental for the development of your SEO strategy.

Where is my traffic coming from?

Knowing what websites or links that has referred a visitor to your site is a great way of measuring the success of your social media effort, website partnerships, and directories. This is useful if you wish to find out what is working and what isn’t when promoting your website on certain avenues.

Is my website mobile friendly?

Using analytics you can see how your website is performing on mobile devices such phones and tablets. Considering the rise of internet usage on mobile devices, making sure that your website is performing on each and every make and model of mobile devices is valuable for all business owners especially those focused on local search.

Is my website achieving my goals?

Setting up goal funnels on your website is a great way to determine the success of a visit to your website be it, filling in a contact form, downloading product information or signing up to a newsletter.

Overall is it crucial to be tracking visitor’s activity on your website so that you have the opportunity make your website more efficient and effective. It does not make sense to drive a car blindfolded so why would you run a website without analysing the statistics?

We are here to help

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