The importance of Search Engine Marketing

Imagine you’re shopping for a new microwave, but when you arrive at your local shopping centre you are greeted by row after row of faceless stores with no signage telling you what’s available inside – it would be a long and frustrating task to find what you’re after.

Not using search engine marketing means your products and site are basically invisible online, and is like expecting your customers to be able to find you without making it clear what you’re offering them.

No-one is going to know you sell the best value and quality microwaves in the whole place unless you guide them to your store with the right marketing – in the case of a mall, it would be signs showing your low prices and great product range. Online, it’s all about optimising your site so that people looking for your products can find them.

Remember that people using a search engine to look for a product or service are already interested in it, meaning your work is half done at this early stage – so don’t miss out on potential custom by making your site a needle in a very large haystack.

With millions of internet pages currently online it pretty much goes without saying that search engine marketers need to be getting their site on the first page of search results to benefit from having an online presence – and a place within the top three results really is preferable.

If you’re happy with the amount of custom you’re getting from a local newspaper ad, or you don’t want to spend time working with search engine marketers to create an online presence for your firm, consider this – your competition has probably already identified the positives of search engine marketing and is benefiting from them right now.

As well as this, we are living in an increasingly digital age. In the past, those in need of plumbing services will have gone through their local phonebook to find someone to help, but now, a quick Google search on a smartphone gives people the answers they need.

This trend is only going one way and if you want to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by being visible online, then you need to explore search engine marketing.