The Retweet Effect

So, you have a corporate Twitter account. You’ve even got a few followers, and most of them are customers. That’s a good position to be in!

Probably the best thing you can aim for now is retweets. If one of your followers “RT”s one of your tweets, that means it shows up on the feed of all of their followers – and that’s free advertising for your company.

So what’s the best way to get retweeted?


Let’s face it. People love free stuff. So how’s this for an advertising gimmick?

“The first 5 people to RT this will win a free…”

Insert one of your company’s cheapest products (or if you’re a service-offering company, choose a box of chocolates or something cheap and fun), and you’ve laid your bait.

Okay, so you’re going to be giving away five of your products, plus postage. Bear in mind that some people will live in countries outside the UK.

But at least five people will be retweeting you, which means that you reach the followers of five of your followers. That could amount to hundreds of people – more, if your followers’ followers try to get in on the action!

It won’t be totally free advertising, but it won’t be too expensive if you choose your product carefully. Give it a try!