The SEO benefits of a Press Release

It is safe to say that it is no big secret that the search engines love content and the more well written, unique & engaging content you can have on your website the more favourably it will be looked upon.

But one of the oldest ways to generate interest and create content about your website is press releases. In fact even before there was something called the World Wide Web and Google, companies used Press Releases as a way and means to communicate new services and products they were able to offer to their customers. In many ways this hasn’t really changed and when done in the right way Press Releases can have many plus points for your website and online marketing strategy.

First of all it is worth noting that Press Releases still have to have many of the SEO principles that you would find in other forms of SEO content (for example in a well written blog post) the Press Release needs to be keyword rich, be engaging and read well. If you are a new business then the audience what sets you apart what can you offer that no one else can? If you are an established business then what new products and services are you set to offer your customers?

Remember that a Press Release is essentially a form of PR for your business and is a great way to sculpt and create your Companies image and how you want to be perceived by the world. Press Release websites are more often than not very established within the search engines and thus carry a lot of weight if your website appears on them. A well written press release can also offer one of the best ways that there is to get high quality traffic back to your website. Why? Because people reading your press release are interested in your market place and what you can potentially offer them and remember that better quality traffic to the website will resulting more conversions once they are on your website.