The update on Facebook Ads that you might have missed

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Not so long ago, Facebook had an 80/20 rule for people writing ads that went on to the renowned social media site. What did that mean? Simply that the text in your Facebook ad had to be kept below 20% of the image.

What else did it mean? Well, it meant toiling through Facebook’s Grid Tool, a lot of fidding around, and a fair few failed attempts before getting that incredibly satisfying green light allowing your ad to go on people’s News Feeds and sidebars.

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What Facebook’s 80/20 rule meant for ads

For those of you that are new to the whole Facebook business buzz, even including your logo or company phone number in an advert could push you over that notorious text-image ratio. No kidding.

All in a bid to keep everything on the site consistent in quality, the whole system actually seemed pretty inconsistent. You’d see some texty ads slipping past those eagle eyes of Team Facebook and finding home on your News Feed. This meant a lot of trial and error, a lot of keeping your fingers crossed, and – ultimately – a lot of frustration.

It’s fair to say, perfecting that ratio rule and getting the green light of 80/20 success was enough to bring a happy tear to any Facebook advertiser’s eye.

But alas! They’ve only gone and dropped that rule – quite sneakily in fact. Gone are the days of working hard on an advert for it to be so rudely (but rightly) rejected by the social gurus at Facebook. But it doesn’t stop there…

How does it work now?

Sorry advertisers, it’s not all sweetness and light now they’ve ditched the 80/20 ratio rule. Now there’s a new rule in town, so listen carefully.

Facebook’s most recent rule for adverts still penalises text-heavy adverts, but in a very different way – a way that doesn’t involve a red-for-no or green-for-go light (phew). Are you ready?

Instead, the more text you have on your advert’s image, the less reach you are likely to achieve with that same budget.

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So, what does it mean for my Facebook ads?

Yes, Facebook will now allow you to upload your advert no matter how much text is in it, but, then there’s a BIG but…

Much like National Rail offering passengers a ‘free’ First Class ticket on the basis that they either have to give more money or their journey will be cut short, Facebook will let those text-heavy adverts through but with a slight catch: cope with a less effective ad or increase your budget.

Simply put, if you are really set on all that text in your carefully-put-together advert, you either have to deal with it reaching less of your audience, OR you have to up your budget to get it out there and get the results you want. The choice is yours.

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