Think SEO when using social media

The SEO world is changing and constantly evolving so we wanted to let our customers know about the latest SEO trend, social media. We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but now Google are incorporating the signals it gets from these platforms into its algorithms. So here are some SEO tips to consider when thinking about social media:

Be Fresh

We have said it once and we are going to say it again, fresh content is good news for website optimisation and will result in higher page rankings. One of the best ways to do this is writing a blog, expressing professional opinions and showcasing expertise will result in Google getting the content it needs to rank the website well along with giving visitors confidence in the businesses ability.

Sharing is caring

It is important for any website that the content is relevant so as to keep visitors interested and intrigued. Getting the visitors to like, share and retweet content sends the right signals back to Google about the website or blog.

Read the Signals

Google analytics recently added the social signal tool which enables social media tracking. Using this tool effectively can help when trying to figure what is proving popular and more importantly what isn’t, giving the user a better understanding of their fans and followers.

Google+ means business

Google+ is the new kid on the social media block and is growing at a quicker rate then Facebook. It already has large following and is proving successful for businesses. One the main benefits are being able to integrate many of the Google services such as Google places and analytics.

Social media is great tool, not just for SEO

Let’s not forget that the main function of social media is communication, utilising social media in order promote business and create brand awareness is a great way of turning fans and followers in into customers!

We can help

Not everyone is a social media expert, here at Add People we provide professionally built social media pages and offer professional SEO advice to small and medium sized businesses. For more information on our services, please contact us on 0845 030 44 40 or email us at