Twitter brand pages rolling out to more companies

Twitter is rolling out its brand pages to even more companies this week. The new pages promise to offer more control on how you showcase your brand, enabling companies to display top content, reach more users which in turn should help to grow the audience of the brand.

Up to now twenty one brands have access to the new “Facebook” style pages including Nike, Paramount Pictures and Disney. The enhanced profile pages are said to be rolling out to even more selected brands of Twitters choosing, consisting of advertising partners, charities and media organisations.
What does this mean for you and your brand?

When this update is eventually available to everybody, the new page is completely public. Your public page will be visible to everybody and no advertisements will be displayed on your page. You will be responsible in branding your page to encourage audience participation.

The new pages will allow you to drive traffic to your most important Tweets by highlighting these on your page, this gives you greater control of the messages users will see when they visit your page. Having a branded Twitter page will allow you to offer a more gripping source of information for your users, giving you more control over not just what you say but how you come across. First impressions are important and this page offers a brilliant way of making a great first impression.

All in all the new Twitter branded page will allow you to create a long lasting impression with your users by using your own logos, colours but most importantly, your own message.