E-Commerce Websites Clone

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It’s all about conversions.

A successful online store needs to look great. It needs to be functional. And purchasing needs to be easy. Turning hits on your site into money in the bank.

At Add People we focus on creating e-Commerce websites that tick every box.

Using the OpenCart, WordPress and Magneto platforms we build stunning sites that allow you to alter product descriptions, swap out pictures and add content with ease. We make sure it’s search engine friendly too.


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Tailored to you, your e-Commerce site can feature simple shopping checkouts with whichever payment method you prefer.

Site-search navigation to make finding your products easy and social media links so that you can promote offers and push your business.

It’s all up to you.


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The minute a visitor hits your site you need to convince them you’re the best option. And you do that through great web design, clear cut content and a store that just works. We make your site responsive too. Because screen resolution shouldn’t determine who you can and can’t reach.

Designed by our team of talented web designers. Built by our skilled developers. Enjoyed by your customers.[/one_third]