What is Kony 2012?

Kony 2012 is a campaign led by the charity Invisible Children, which focuses on raising the profile of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resitance Army (LRA) in Uganda, throughout the world to ultimately lead to his capture.

Joseph Kony’s location is currently unknown, and with the Ugandan Prime Minister, Mr Mbabazi, declaring that Kony is currently not in Uganda, the search to find him is becoming critical.

Joseph Kony formed the resistance group, LRA in 1987 and has been at civil war against the Ugandan government ever since. The majority of his foot soldiers are young boys and it is estimated that Kony has abducted around 20,000 children from their homes and schools, with the boys being used as soldiers and girls as sex slaves.

Upon capture, these children are often forced to kill their own parents, so that they have no families to return to if they escaped. Many of the boys are used as targets and decoys, sent unarmed in front of the Ugandan Army when in conflict. With the weak left to die, the others are left to become fighters. Any children, who refuse to cooperate, are punished by disfiguration. This punishment can include the removal of noses, lips and ears, along with being made to eat their own flesh.

Kony 2012 is the title of a video which lasts 30 minutes which has been produced by Jason Russell, the founder of Invisible Children. The powerful and heartbreaking video gives viewers a personal insight into Jason Russell’s journey of working with children who escaped Kony’s army and how he is working with them to help return the children to live a normal life again.

Since the video was uploaded on March 5th 2012, it has become a viral sensation that has been trending on social networkds across the world, and has had over 80,000,000 views on YouTube alone. The content of this video is quite graphic, with some of the children declaring that they would rather ‘die now, than stay on the Earth any longer’.

The campaign aims to ‘make Kony famous’, not to celebrate his movements, but to highlight the crimes he has committed with the appropriate authorities, and to work together to locate and capture him. With the support of a-list celebrities, various authorities and governments, Jason Russell hopes to help the process of capturing of Kony and the safe release of his kidnapped army.

Take a look for yourself at http://youtu.be/Y4MnpzG5Sqc.