What To Expect From Social Networking

For most, Social Networking is still a bit of a minefield. A lot of people might have set up their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… but they haven’t got any further.

I think that one of the main reasons for this is that people don’t know how best to market their business through Social Networks, and they don’t know what kind of return to expect.

Firstly, you’re not going to achieve anything by simply having the accounts. Just because people can follow or like you does’nt mean they will. I mean, why would they follow a seldom-updated account with your company name on it?

Secondly, you’re not going to double your sales overnight. Social Networking is seldom about getting a quick return.

So what is it?

Generate your brand, not instant sales!

You need to think of Social Networking not as a way of driving direct business, but as PR. If you can get your name out there and create a buzz about your company, then you’re probably going to see an increase in business. There are ways of driving immediate business, through special offers and rewards, but this should not be all you communicate.

Dig out your logins from your pile of emails, optimise your profiles, create strong branding, get into the PR frame of mind and be prepared to play the long game.