What’s Trending? PPC and Twitter

What’s trending on Twitter right now? Take a look down the right-hand bar next to your feed. More often than not, you’ll see the names of celebrities, TV programmes or films, or upcoming events or news stories. Sometimes, though, you might strike it lucky.

If you see something connected to your business area appear as a Twitter trend, that means everybody (generally speaking) is talking about it. What can that mean for your PPC campaign?

More people are likely to be searching for the topic of the trend on Google, and that means your ad has the opportunity for more impressions. If you manage your bids effectively and have some well-targeted ads, it could mean more clicks to your site, and more potential customers for you.

Depending on your line of work, the likelihood of your business area actually trending on Twitter might be pretty slim. Having said that, a very specialist women’s hygiene product is trending today, and we at Add People happen to manage a company that supplies this product. So it’s not impossible that one day, your AdWords campaign could benefit from increased Google traffic after a Twitter trend.

Bear it in mind next time you’re idling away a few minutes on Twitter: check current trends!