Where should I place my blog for SEO?

You have decided to add a blog to your website which is great for SEO, however a question we are asked a lot is where should the blog live to get the most in terms of Search Engine Optimisation?

Should I place my blog on a subdirectory? i.e. www.addpeople.co.uk/blog

Subdirectories or subfolders have an advantage over subdomains and external blog sites in terms of SEO and are my personal preferred choice, some the advantages are listed below:

• Inbound links coming into the website via the blog subfolder and its posts will help increase page authority for the root domain (www.addpeople.co.uk), this in turn will help the website rank higher in the search results
• Adding content to the blog based around specific topics and linking these posts to key pages of your website can help the websites ability to rank by increasing the sites relevancy and authority on a particular subject
• The benefit that comes from users sharing your Blog posts via Social Media will be passed onto the root domain
• Subdirectories will naturally obtain some of the ranking benefits of the root domain

How about placing my Blog in a Subdomain? i.e. blog.addpeople.co.uk

A subdomain is a separate website that is part of a larger domain, they are often used to organise content and do have advantages, although I would recommend using a subdomain if your website does not allow you to add a blog:
• Sub domains typically offer shorter URL’s than subfolders
• Although the subdomain will not receive any of the authority from the root domain, you can pass benefit back from the sub domain to the root domain by linking within posts
• Sub domains are more often than not classed as a separate entity to the root domain, this means that you can achieve more visibility in the search results by achieving multiple rankings for both the root domain and sub domain on the same page

Having a blog on your website keeps your website fresh and updated which is great for both the search engines and users. Search engines love fresh content and your users will see that you have recently updated your website which gives the site credibility

If you update your Blog frequently with unique and engaging content you can establish yourself as an authority in your subject area and adding unique new content can help you appear in the search results. Blog posts and latest news articles are a great way of targeting long tailed keywords