Why Use Manual Link Building Strategies To Improve Your Search Ranking?

As any good search engine optimiser or online marketer will tell you, manual link building is a crucial part of your SEO campaign. This is because search engines like and especially Google view links as being an indication of how popular and how useful your website is. The more links you have and the better the quality of those links, the better your search results position is likely to be for a given keyword.
Link Building Strategies
There have been many link building strategies employed by webmasters since search engines used links in this way. However, links that appear too unnatural or are created using methods that are too artificial will not usually yield the best results from the major search engines. Generally speaking, the search engines want to promote those sites that offer genuine quality and they use links as a gage of whether this is true of a particular site or not.
Ethical Link Building
Using ethical link building is therefore considered vital to successful SEO. Manual link building may be more time consuming but it will generate better results. It enables you to keep a greater degree of control over the link building process, the keywords that are used, and the quality of the links generated.
Combining Link Building Techniques
Manual link building techniques can include guest blogging, directory submissions, and article marketing. As a good link profile will offer diversity as well as quantity and quality, it can pay dividends for your website if you use a combination of these techniques as well as other manual link building techniques. There are also other ways to complement your existing SEO through link building and link baiting.
Using Manual Link Building Services
Of course, not every company or individual has the time or in-house resources to embark on a diverse and long term manual link building campaign. Fortunately, manual link building services can be employed to complete ethical programs that will help build large quantities of high quality and varied links. These will help optimise your profile and improve your search engine results rankings