Why You Need Conversion Tracking For Your Google AdWords Campaign

A lack of conversion tracking is a challenge for small businesses and the agencies who service them.

Here at Add People we service more than a thousand PPC customers, and our research found that nearly 50% of new customers who already had an AdWords campaign running didn’t have conversion tracking set up to measure exactly what happens to their clicks.

Why do you need it? Well without it you simply have no idea where your enquiries and sales are coming from. The data only you have to work with is just based on impressions, clicks and cost; which makes every change a step into the unknown.

For instance, what if your conversions are coming from a specific keyword or ad group that’s taking up a fraction of your budget?

It’s rarely quite that black and white, but businesses running AdWords campaigns without conversion tracking are flying blind and inevitably creating some wastage.

To find out more about Conversion Tracking and why you need it check out the above video presentation made in association with our friends at Google.