Why your business should be on Twitter (and how to make the most of it)


Twitter is known as one of the social media giants. It’s one of the most active social sites out there, alongside the one and only Facebook. Which begs the question, are you making the most of what it has to offer?

First things first: do you have a Twitter profile? And if not, why not? A Twitter account is so easy to set up and has become a must-have for businesses of all types. It’s a social realm that holds so many possibilities for companies and their customers.

Why you should be using Twitter

As if the fact that Twitter has 313 million monthly active users wasn’t enough to persuade you (and yes, that does include your customers and your competitors), the social media site can benefit your business in so many ways.

Whilst you may think that carefully-constructed tweet is just going to fall to the bottom of an endless pit of updates, you need to realise its potential in the vast world of Twitter. You never know, that tweet could just go viral…

Build brand awareness:twitter-profile

Okay okay, whilst the dream of your tweet going viral isn’t something that happens to small businesses -or even big businesses – every day, you never know who’s going to see your tweet and pick up on it. Everything you write helps to build brand awareness, gain interest in your business, and boost your social following.

The more you tweet, the more likely people are to see what you’re saying; the more likely they are to click through to your profile, click Follow to find out more, and even check out the link to your website in your Twitter bio. So get tweet-happy!

Get your message out there:

Got some great news or any deals or discounts that you want to spread the word about? You can use Twitter to do just that! It’s such a quick way to get a message out there to your social following, but use the right words and hashtags and you can significantly increase the audience of your tweets too. It really is that easy.

Don’t worry about taking time to craft your tweets as it’s actually important that you do. That troublesome 140 character limit is great for Twitter and its tweeters’ fast pace, but it can cut you off before you know it. But there are ways round it, like bitly.com which will shorten any URLs or links you want to put out there.

Keep updated:

propercorn-on-twitterWe’ve already put the ever-rising number of 313 million monthly active users out there, but within that mammoth amount you’ll find a significant number of tweeters that might just be of interest to you. How does that idea of connecting with your loyal customers sound? How about the potential of generating leads by engaging with new customers?

Twitter provides those customers with a platform to talk about and discuss your products and services, and even get in touch with you about them. Who knows, they might even inspire some future updates or ventures within your business.

Also, with Twitter you decide who you want to follow which gives you the chance to keep up to date with everything relevant to your industry. You can keep an eye on your competitors, and find out what industry leaders and figureheads are talking about.

Refine your brand:

One of the reasons that social media is so popular with businesses is that it gives them a voice. A bit of personality, let’s say. You’ll know Twitter is widely used by individuals as a personal account, and that ‘personal’ aspect can be grasped by company Twitter profiles too. You’ve got a profile picture, you’ve got a bio, and you’ve got a stream of tweets by you.

With all these features, you can form and develop the identity you want for your brand and business – the tone of voice, the image you want to portray, and the audience you want to reach out to.

How to make the most of Twitter’s benefits

Whether you’re just starting up on Twitter or a bit more advanced tweeters, there are lots of things that you can pick up that can really make the most of the time you spend on the social media site.

Design your profile wisely:

twitter-buttonIf you are looking to set up a profile, you’ll find that you have to choose all the elements for your Twitter page. From the Twitter handle to the cover photo, this is your chance to create the image and identity that you want your brand to have.

Choosing your Twitter handle or username is something we want to talk about specifically, as the rest can be quite simple. What comes after that @ sign plays an important role in how easily you are found on the site, how easily people can tag or ‘mention’ you in tweets, and ultimately, your brand recognition.

Here are our top tips to optimise brand recognition with your Twitter page:

  • Your Twitter handle should be the same, or as similar as possible to your brand’s name
  • Use your logo in your profile picture
  • Share links to your website in the bio, as well as your other social media pages

You don’t want people to struggle to make the connection between your brand and the Twitter profile. You want to provide people with legitimacy; a feeling of reassurance that you are the right people to go to.

Be active every day:

It’s like all the doctors say – ‘keep active’. Luckily for you, us marketers aren’t pushing you to go out on a
daily run. We’re telling you to keep active on Twitter, and that only takes a couple of clicks on your smartphone or computer.

We mean it – follow new people and tweet every day. Don’t go quiet just because you don’t have something ‘interesting’ to say. In the world of Twitter, there is always something interesting to say. It doesn’t even have to always be industry-relevant.

Build on that brand personality and friendliness by getting involved with the top trends and top hashtags. Balance your work tweets with your more fun tweets to represent your brand in the best way possible.

Besides, who doesn’t have something to say about #worldcatday or #worldchocolateday? You may even be able to turn it around so it does come across as relevant to your business type.

Communicate with your customers:

The point of social media is being social, and that doesn’t only involve building up your image and identity. Part of your time on Twitter should be dedicated to interacting and engaging with those talking to you, about you, or about what you’re discussing.

It’s a chance to connect with current and future customers, like a much more personal and less robotic form of customer service.

It’s that personal element will help to turn ‘potential’ into more interest, appreciation, and sales. Make sure you’re prompt with any direct mentions or messages, and always polite. If you’re a local business, make the most of local hashtags too to bring in the people around you.


Build connections:

It’s not all about your customers though, although they should always be in the forefront of your mind with any of your activity on Twitter. This huge social site gives you the chance to follow the leaders in your industry and keep an eye on what they’re up to, maybe even inspire you with your work and your social media.

You can also hone in on those that follow those industry leaders in a way that can turn their attention to you. If you know they’re interested in your industry, take advantage of that and boost that social following of yours. Never be shy to click follow, and don’t forget to follow back anyone who followed you – it all helps.

new-look-on-twitterPromote your company blog:

If you’ve got a blog on your website, you can either change the settings to make sure it’s published to Twitter as soon as it’s gone live or you can post it manually. With a catchy title and a well-thought out social post to accompany it, you’ll boost the reach of that blog post far beyond the group of people that regularly visit your blog.

More reach = more site views = more interest = more authority = happy businesses. And any of those things are fine and dandy for any brand isn’t it?

Discover Twitter Analytics:

Reasonably new to Twitter itself, Twitter Analytics is a real benefit of the site. It provides you with interesting metrics that let you know how each tweet has performed.

This includes finding out how many people clicked on your tweet and how many people followed the link in your tweet for example, which is very handy for judging which tweets worked and which didn’t.

Our conclusion?

Get on Twitter! Set up a profile, get to know it, and reap the benefits that it has to offer. Be opportunistic. It might not be completely natural to you, but don’t let confusion be an obstacle. You’ll get there, we believe in you.

If you think you could do with some help from social media experts, have a look at this Moz Twitter guide and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Add People.

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