Write Content Like an SEO Pro!

Write Content Like an SEO Pro! Content is one of the most important factors of good On-Page SEO as it lays the foundation for search engine success. To help you write content like an SEO professional we have listed 5 tips that could help give your page rank a boost

Choose your keywords wisely

In order to increase traffic and improve conversions, it is important that you do your research before deciding what keywords to optimise for. The keywords you choose should match the terms your potential customers would use to find your products or services. Once keywords are decided they should be incorporated naturally into the content on your website.

Don’t stuff it up

Be careful not to overuse your keywords in the content as this is a very dated SEO tactic called keyword stuffing which can result in your website being penalized. Remember the content is going to be seen by potential customers so write it for them and not specifically for the search engines.

Love links

It is good practice to link content from one page to another as it will show the search engines that all the content on your website is relevant.  Search engines love links and use them to rank websites so make sure you use external links when referencing third party content as this may even inspire a reciprocal link.

Title and describe your pages

Make sure you title your pages with keywords using h1 tags. These tags are indexed by the search engines and will improve your chances of ranking for your targeted keywords or phrases.

Don’t forget to include a brief description of the webpage, as this is displayed in the search results underneath your URL. These META descriptions don’t hold much SEO value but do give you the opportunity to grab the attention on users in 160 characters or less!

Optimise visual content

It is important to remember that the content embedded in images cannot be indexed by Google, however you can extract SEO value by using keywords to describe the flash object using Image Alt Text.