10 AdWords mistakes that 90% of business owners are making and how to avoid them

Google AdWords is an evolving and intricate platform to use. With new features being added almost every week, it’s constantly getting more and more complicated. We speak to businesses running AdWords every day and know that a huge percentage of business owners have had a go at running a campaign and have wasted budget on expensive leads that don’t convert into sales. The reasons for Google eating up your budget with very little return are down to the way the campaign is setup, which is why we have laid out the 10 most common AdWords mistakes for you to avoid!

1 – Negative Keywords

Not using negative keywords is a huge mistake which many business owners are sadly guilty of. Many focus too much on what keywords to show for and forget about what not to show for. It is important to know how crucial it is to only display you ad on relevant terms. This is the fantastic thing about negative keywords, they are there to help you exclude search terms from your campaigns. Here’s an example from Google:

“Let’s say that you’re an optometrist who sells eyeglasses. In this case, you may want to add negative keywords for search terms like ‘wine glasses’ and ‘drinking glasses'”.

2 – Using the WRONG Keyword Matches

This will have a dramatic impact on your campaign. Make sure you’re keeping your Keywords precise and not too broad, as this will often provide a much higher conversion rate. Always start with exact Keyword matches and if you are not getting the conversions you had hoped for then you can always broaden your phrases.

3 – Lack of Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are simply used to create more reasons for people to click your ad. Able to provide extra information about your business, Ad Extensions improve your search results, visibility and value. Things like call extensions and location extensions all help to improve your conversions.

4 – Not using the right Ad Extensions

There’s a limited amount of space available above Google search results for Ad Extensions, so it’s important to only use the right ones by considering what exact way you want the customer to interact with your ad. E.g. a florist owner would prioritise the location extension above all else as the majority of their customers would want to browse in their shop first, so it’s important they can see where it is straight away, otherwise they would move on to a different store with a visible address.

5 – Poor Ad Copy

When writing ad copy there are certain things that should be taken into consideration to ensure your copy is enticing, interesting and genuine. Poor ad copy will put off a large number of potential customers before they even click your link, so remember to come across friendly but informative, not pushy and repetitive.

6 – Forgetting to bid on your own brand

If you aren’t advertising for your brand then other companies will. Although you may show up for it in search results already, this doesn’t stop competitors targeting your visitors. People who are searching for your company are the most likely to convert, so it’s important to bid the highest for your own brand to ensure you are at the very top of a search.7

7 – Valuing quantity over quality

When it comes to AdWords quality is more important than quantity. Each campaign you run should focus on a single product or service to ensure your ads are more relevant to your customers. If you are able to target exactly what they want and search for, you are much more likely to get them to click your ads.

8 – Not measuring conversions

There are many ways to track conversions but it all depends on your business goals. Measuring conversion means you can see which campaigns are working well and which are not. Tracking conversion is also a great way to make sure your marketing is set up towards your business goals. So make sure you’re not in the dark and don’t rely on impressions and clicks alone.

9 – Trying to use Google to manage your campaigns

Google makes setting up a campaign easy which can then trick you into thinking you can get Google to effectively manage your campaign. This is a common mistake. Although the intelligent features might be able to guide you to where there might be problems, it is still no match for what a trained AdWords manager can do. The kind of in-depth analysis and creative thinking behind a successful campaign can only be found in a dedicated manager that specialises in AdWords.

10 – Asking your Web Designer to manage your campaigns

Although your Web Designer might be highly skilled when it comes to building and optimising your website, it is a common misconception that they will be equally as skilled at managing AdWords campaigns. Running AdWords effectively is a skill on its own and in order to guarantee successful campaigns you need to hire someone who is well trained and dedicated to this project.

“Asking your web developer to manage your AdWords is like asking a plumber to put up a roof!”

How we can help

We work with over 3000 small to medium-sized businesses in all types of industries and have over 15 years of experience within the online marketing industry! Our workforce of 120 digital marketing experts takes away all the unnecessary stress that an AdWords campaign can cause, giving you the time and energy to focus on your business. As Google Premier partners managing over £3 million per month in total ad spend, you can be confident in the knowledge that we will successfully run your AdWords campaigns.