10 reasons you will love working for Add People!

To clients, Add People is a professional and friendly digital marketing agency. We ensure that the digital strategies of our clients are in safe hands. They get to focus on the aspects of their business which feel more natural to their skillset, while we dedicate our expertise to optimising their brands for search, lead generation, and engagement.

We have been doing our work for a while now, and we have been doing it well. All thanks to our incredible team of developers, PPC/campaign managers, graphic designers, specialists and support staff. In turn, we have been investing in cultivating a pleasant work environment. One that gives back to the very people who have made us a tremendous success over the years.

Here are ten reasons why you would love working here:


  1. You will love Altrincham

Not only are we five minutes away from the Altrincham train and tram, but you will also find that we are just as easy to reach by car. And since getting here is not a problem, we would like to share with you a few of the reasons we are glad to call Altrincham our home.

Situated opposite of the tranquil Stamford Park, you will find Add People connected to fantastic restaurants, bars and venues ideal for socialising after work.

The Altrincham farmers market is a treat for those who enjoy artisan food and a unique shopping atmosphere. Fitness enthusiasts love that we are a ten-minute walk away from Bell’s Gym, a sports facility equipped with a boxing ring. Movie lovers enjoy spending Friday nights after work at Vue Cinema. And from time to time, some of us ice skate with friends and family at the Silver Blade Ice Rink.


  1. Work in a family environment

At Add People, we work to make you feel like one of our people. We want you to be excited every Monday because you know you are waking up to work with people you like.

Recently nominated as one of Manchester’s Happiest places to work by Laughology, we breed the culture of a collaborative meritocracy. Plus, we are eager to get to know you. This is the long way of saying, working at Add People is as fun as it is rewarding.

We plan excursions to mark career milestones. We host pool tournaments which serve as social mixers.  Our salsa classes are always open to those who fancy a latin step. Our 10k team is eager for your participation. And our group of football players would love for you to join our weekly five-a-side games. Plus, we offer more team events that embody our commitment to a tradition of warmth and inclusivity.


  1. Your wellbeing is how we do business

Our achievements begin with every individual who contributes to our success. That is why our employees are our primary concern. Aside from hiring the right people and promoting a family culture, Add People is committed to the wellbeing of staff.

We believe you work better when you feel better. But for us, a satisfying job is not just about work-life balance. Though it is great to have time for leisure, family and friends, we take your happiness a step further.

We aim to help you relax by offering yoga classes. We invite experts to help you manage stress through mindfulness practices. We can connect you to the right counselling if you find you are struggling with circumstances outside of work. Plus you are always invited to join in on one of our meditation sessions. If there is an activity which adds to your quality of life, we look into it.


  1. Passion is celebrated here

Being a hub of creatives, it is vital that Add People, encourage the passion of its employees. Far too often you are hired for a job with the hopes of expressing your ability, only for your enthusiasm to be crammed into a box of restrictive expectations. But not here.

At Add People, the hopes of fulfilling career is an instant reality from day one. We believe that your ability to unleash your best is good for business. Hence why we support you with resources and training for continued learning.

To sharpen their skills, our employees are encouraged to sign up for development courses and to participate in regional or national conferences. We invest in training spanning the digital spectrum because we want to support you. But above all else, we enjoy seeing you making the most of your talents.


  1. You work on exciting projects

We are big service for small business. Quite often we take on clients with little to no digital footprint.  We embrace the responsibility of developing a web presence, building the customer base of clients.

You will be helping to bring fresh ideas to life. By executing our goals, we directly impact the objectives of spirited entrepreneurs. You can expect to be challenged creatively as we find solutions for businesses from varying industries. And you can count on the satisfaction of watching your hard work translate into thriving operations.

You will get to understand your work as the once missing link between someone’s ambition and their triumph. Imagine the thrill of knowing a client is grateful to you for taking their business to the next level. That is what we do, and that is what you will be a part of.


  1. We are growing

Born from the idea of two neighbourhood friends, Add People was founded by John Spence and Grant Barton in 2002. Initially operated as a web design company, we have quickly become a go-to digital boutique for small to medium-size businesses.

Since our humble but ambitious beginnings, we have remained committed to our original mission of affordable and customer friendly services. As a result, in a relatively short period, we have become a brand which now generates millions in annual turnover. All thanks to the hard work of our employees.

You can say understanding and mastering growth is embedded in our DNA, attributes we strive to inject into the work we do for clients.  And with plans of diversifying our product offering and developing in new territories, you are coming on board during exciting times.


  1. Your ideas are always welcome

As a growing company, expanding in an ever-evolving industry, Add People is aware that we will have to depend on all of us to continue flourishing as we have been. That is why we do not trust our growth to just a few professionals with the appropriate titles. We welcome the ideas of our entire workforce.

If you are here, it is because we see something brilliant in you. We’d like to tap into your spark of innovation.  We want to know what we can do better and what avenues ought to be explored. You’ll find our doors are always open to new ways of thinking.


  1. We reward you with more than a salary

Since our employees are generous with their effort and ideas, we look to reciprocate their enterprise by offering more than just a paycheck.

There’s an onsite bar, aptly named ‘OFFLINE’, for winding down after a week of hard work!

We also offer employees an incredible health package after staying with us for a year.  Our Medicash scheme allows you to claim money back from optical, dental and medical checkups, including physiotherapy and massages.

For those inclined to benefit from the extra mile we invest in our people, our savings portal gives employees’ access to discounts on everyday shopping items.

Our cycle to work scheme makes it easier than ever to own your ideal bicycle, allowing you to stay fit and environmentally friendly on your way to work.

We also offer a pension, so the work done with us today is a substantial investment in your future after retirement.


  1. Constant feedback

Where we begin is not always where we end up. Alongside a fulfilling career, you may feel the need to make changes. And sometimes you just want a good ole challenge. We have taken all of this into consideration.

Our leadership prides itself on developing various interests and future managers. Monthly reviews are approached as a mentoring process in which you may openly communicate your ambitions while being guided through a tailor-made path towards your targets.

A career is long but does not have to repetitive or dreary. We strive to ensure that your work continually fits with your aspirations.


  1. We stick to our values

As a summary, we want you to succeed, and we want those around you to help along the way. This approach forms the core of our business values. But we don’t just preach it. We endeavour to SPARKIT.

SPARKIT is an acronym communicated and practised by our entire staff:

  • We believe in SERVICE EXCELLENCE. We train employees to deliver an efficient, friendly and exceptional experience to clients.
  • We encourage PASSION. We recognise that the drive of our employees is what has made us a respected digital agency in Manchester. Through weekly companywide announcements, we inform staff of significant strides achieved in varying departments while acknowledging the efforts of standout performers.
  • We require ACCOUNTABILITY. Roles and expectations are clearly defined.  Help is always available. Our employees value their responsibilities, making for a productive work environment.
  • We expect RESPECT. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire staff of a wide-ranging background. Diversity is a quality we are proud to promote. Thus it is important to us that each employee feels welcomed and appreciated by their peers.
  • We rely on KNOWLEDGE. Add People celebrates employees who show the zeal to not only stay informed but also pull their colleagues along. Sharing of new techniques and improved processes is a characteristic you will find common in every building of our offices.
  • We promote INNOVATION. Without new ideas, there is no growth. As a company which specialises in building brands, we nurture this philosophy. We welcome creative problems solving for our internal processes and client services.
  • We cultivate TRUST. If you are here, it is because we believe in you. We ask that you get the most out of your journey with us by having confidence in the support you will receive from co-workers and managers. 

Think Add People is the right fit for you? Check out our current job listings to apply.