4 tips for turning website visitors into paying customers

You might be spending money to get traffic to your website, but getting them to leave their details or purchase your product takes some effort too! If your website traffic isn’t converting, keep reading…

1 – Offer something for free.

Offering useful content or a free sample of your product can really incentivise your traffic when asking for details or getting people to buy your products. Think about what interests your customers and offer something low-cost yet high-value. You could even offer a discount on multiple purchases or customer referrals too. There are benefits for lead generation too as you’ll know what exactly they’re interested in before you contact them!

2 – Promote Credibility

Big brands have spent millions to build trust, but there’s loads you can do to put your potential customers at ease. Place trust indicators on important pages of your website. These can including anything that makes you appear more credible to your audience, such as industry qualifications and awards to payment options and delivery information.

3 – Keep things simple!

Your visitors have seen your advert and decided to click for a specific reason. Make sure you don’t let them lose track of that reason with too much choice. Often, too many options can overwhelm like a 15-page dinner menu that reduces your audience’s appetite. So, keep your traffic focussed and on track to buying your product or calling you for the reasons they came.

4 – Improve the customer experience

A poorly optimised site can dramatically reduce conversions. In fact, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again, and 20% of visitors abandon websites if they’re too slow. So, it’s important that the user journey is optimised for converting your traffic to do exactly what you want it to.