5 reasons your website might be underperforming

Most smaller businesses fall at the same hurdles when it comes to their website. So, how do you complete this digital race without the fallen hurdles and scratched knees?

Understanding the reasons why so many small businesses fail to perform online will help you to avoid making the same mistakes – or correct the ones you’ve already made. We talk through those business blunders that we see all too often with new clients…

1 – Poor quality traffic

You need people on your website but often you can have the wrong type of traffic. This is because the website is not being marketed effectively, or worse: not being marketed at all.

Some websites, on the other hand, get a lot of traffic, but no sales. This shows that the majority of people that visit the site aren’t finding what they are looking for. Perhaps your adverts are promising something that the websites aren’t delivering, and if a visitor’s expectations aren’t meant, what are they to do? They’ll leave your website! So you have to make sure your traffic is qualified.

With Google AdWords for example, the use of the incorrect or irrelevant keywords in your ads could be misleading visitors. You’ve got to choose your keywords carefully and make sure your visitors want what you’re actually offering.

2 – No credentials

Credentials a huge part of a sale – they are often the reasons why a prospect might be on your website in the first place, and right through to the transaction if it’s done right. It’s the same for any site. If you want visitors to become customers, you’ve got to show elements of trust and reliability.

In fact, research has found that trust is often a bigger factor than price. So make sure you display all the credentials and reasons why your customers should trust you. This could include testimonials, partnership badges and review scores.

3 – Too much of a sell

That brings us on to our next point: there’s no point in going in hard with your sales. A blatant sales attempt is just off-putting to the modern day consumer or business buyer. We see far too many websites that don’t do much more than pushing their products or services, and they still expect the intelligent people of today to lap it all up and buy.

Nowadays, we want as much information as possible before we make any buying decision. That’s why your website needs to educate, inform, advise and then convince your visitors of your product. You need to let them know exactly why your offer is better than anyone else’s.

4 – Too flashy

It’s important that your website makes it clear who you are and what it represents, but don’t overdo it. No matter how proud you are of your company and its logo, a homepage filled with branding won’t help your sales.

Successful websites go for a more subtle approach. Instead, they focus on their product and services. You’ll find more emphasis on the benefits of your offering rather than on the company itself, which is far more appealing to potential buyers.

5 – Poor quality content

Content is one of the main hurdles that many small business websites fall at. The text and imagery on your website need to engage people. Poor content will fail to stimulate your visitors, making it less likely for them to take any action on the page (other than clicking straight off, that is).

Your content needs to show off your products and services in the best way possible. To optimise your sales, you want to describe your products in an informative way that advises and compels your visitors. Your content needs to inspire them to click ‘Add to Basket’ or ‘Contact Us’, so invest in it!

If you’re not sure where to start or if you just don’t have the time to optimise your website, we are here to help. With skilled Content and SEO teams, we can help you improve your website quickly and affordably. We even offer new websites on the world’s leading platforms too.

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