7 quick tips for great copywriting

When it comes to copy and content, there are certain things you can do to ensure it works the way you want it to. There’s no point in filling your website with ineffective content, is there?

Here are our 7 quick and simple tips to make sure your copy works well.

1 – Make it conversational: You want your website copy to be easy to read and jargon-free, so stick to a conversational tone to keep it relatable and engaging for your audience.

2 – Keep your sentences short: On top of a conversational tone, you don’t want to overwhelm your audiences with long and complicated sentences. Keep it easy to read by limiting your sentences to just one thought.

3 – Use short paragraphs: Along with short sentences, making sure the text on your site is divided up nicely will make it easier on the eye and encourage your readers to stay on your website to read more.

4 – Avoid filling up on text: You don’t want too much writing on a page, so don’t fill your pages full of text. If you want to keep your readers interested, keep it as short and sweet as possible.

5 – List it: An effective way to lay out copy is to use bullet points. Not only do they make your text easy to digest, they also:

  • Catch the reader’s attention.
  • Split up the content on the page.
  • Summarise points quickly and neatly.
  • Increase response and sales.

6 – Add facts and figures: By using statistics, you increase the interest of your readers at the same time as underlining your credibility as a business.

7 – Test it: Finally, it’s worthwhile testing your headlines and the key elements of your copy using methods such as split-testing, and tracking your results.

The benefits of SEO and content marketing

By opting for a professional SEO and content marketing service, you can guarantee all best practice is put into place when it comes to your website copy. From keyword research and implementation to effective readability on your site, all necessary methods and techniques will be applied to improve your website.