Born Haircare’s 106% increase in Return on Ad Spend


Born Haircare is an established company run by a group of hairdressers with over 30 years experience in the business. Although the company has an abundance of industry knowledge and great valued products, their website and efforts at digital advertising were holding them back from gaining exposure, new customers and importantly revenue.


With low quality scoring keywords and a high cost per click, Born Haircare came to Add People with a need to improve their Google Ads by reducing their spends whilst increasing their relevance. The company’s website was also in need of developing, as it appeared that when consumers landed on the site, they were deterred from purchasing due to the slow loading speed of pages and confusing account area – these were clear issues that Add People needed to resolve.


  • To lower advertising costs
  • Improve site speed to help increase conversion rate
  • Improve the quality of keywords


  • Optimize website
  • Remarketing
  • Bid management


  • 106% increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • 57% decrease in CPA
  • Reduced advertising spend by 54%
  • Increased revenue by 55%


Over a period of 12 months of working alongside each other, we were able to reduce Born Haircare’s AdWords spend by 54% and increase revenue by 55%. This was achieved by building a strong negative keyword list, increasing the relevancy of others, whilst lowering the cost of traffic. Alongside this, countless hours were spent optimising the site to ensure that once visitors were there, they stayed and converted! Add People carefully reworked the product feeds and restructured the account area to ensure that the site speed was at an optimum in order to aid conversion rate; this was a time-consuming project but crucial to ensure success was achieved for Born Haircare.

And what a great 12 months it has been for Born Haircare, with Add People also remarketing to their one time purchasers to transform them into long-term customers, resulting in an increase in loyalty and brand recognition. With the brand achieving a Return On Ad Spend of 106%, Neil Ainscough, Director of Born Haircare, couldn’t be happier of the success achieved over the last year:


“I originally joined Add People because I replied to an ad on Facebook, saying that they could help your business if you were with Google Ads and wanted to improve the performance of your website conversions. After an initial consultation with one of the people from Add People, I was impressed because I got a full audit of what I was doing on Google and how much I was spending and wasting. Since I was probably like a lot of people doing Google Ads, spending a lot of money without really knowing what you are doing, I decided to give them a go. I was assigned a manager to look after me, he gives me regular updates and what I find really good are the suggestions he comes up with;  he is always trying to grow the business whilst working within your predetermined budget. To date, Add People have more than paid for itself, as my cost per click and my cost per conversions have both come right down and the conversions are up year on year. I have recently vastly raised my budget because of the figures that we are achieving and the performance of my Google Ads account. Add People have given me confidence because I know that the cost per conversion will mean that I do cover all costs and more importantly I can make more profit.”