Wall Decals’ 71.6% increase in revenue over 3 months


Based in Ireland, Wall Decals provides designer art deco stickers perfect for any room in the house, from adding a splash of colour in the kitchen, to a jungle full of animals in a child’s room.  Although the company’s website was bursting with a vast amount of great products, they were unable to attain conversions through Facebook advertising due to the un-engaging content being posted which was getting lost online.


With numerous other competitors selling wall stickers in the market, it was vital to offer customers not just a product, but provide added value to their buying experience. This aim was to create an emotional connection with consumers on social media, with the overall objective to increase online engagement and in turn favourability of the brand.


  • To increase sales
  • To improve ROI
  • Create an emotional connection with customers to increase brand loyalty


  • Use storytelling TV-style videos
  • Use smart, dynamic retargeting
  • Use carousel statics image/text adverts


  • 71.6% increase in revenue over 3 months
  • 3% decrease in cost of sales
  • 45% in sales


Like we tell many of our clients, scrolling through a news feed on social media is very much like flicking through a magazine – you do it quickly and content can be easily missed due to the vast amount of it. To ensure that Wall Decals cut through the noise on Facebook, storytelling video adverts were used to captivate the audience. This entailed telling a relatable story through an engaging medium to aid a relationship being formed between Wall Decal and potential customers – something which worked extremely well!

Dynamic retargeting on Facebook was also executed to increase exposure to potential clients which positively aided an increase in sales of 45% over a 3 month period. This was brilliant for Wall Decals as it ensured exposure was at a maximum on Facebook and that the ad budget was being spent on the most beneficial audience. Over the duration of 3 months whilst working with Wall Decals on their Facebook marketing strategy, the company witnessed a 71.6% increase of revenue which can be noted as a direct response from the engaging, video adverts posted!