Conversion rate optimisation sharpens up Medical Aesthetic Clininc website.

As a leader in their field, Venn Healthcare are showing some great results with their current campaigns, but a new approach to online content from Add People has ironed out the wrinkles of their landing pages.


Venn healthcare’s key landing pages were ranking for both top of funnel (informational) and bottom of funnel (commercial) queries. The landing pages met the needs of both types of search intent which is great, but in order to increase conversions we needed to introduce clear conversion opportunities, calls to action, and a more logical user journey to push prospects towards an enquiry.


We added new content at the top of the page that focused on the needs of practitioners but still kept the informational content beneath it. This enabled us to keep targeting those both at then top and bottom of the funnel. By meeting the needs of those at the bottom of the funnel with higher intent we were able to maximise their lead generation.


Having been engaged to run paid and organic search campaigns for the preceding 18 months, we had already seen a 76% increase in traffic and a 65% increase in conversions.

However we still felt there was considerable opportunity to generate more leads from existing traffic and switched our attention to a CRO program to maximise ROI. From this piece of work alone, Venn Healthcare experienced a 130%ย  increase in contact form submissions.