Drill Service’s 65% uplift in organic traffic year on year



Established in 1961, Drill Service has been offering a diverse range of cutting tools to customers for the last 50 years. With a solid reputation within the industry for excellent service and keeping up to date with developing technologies, Drill Service came to Add People with the need to actively increase and widen their exposure online; their aim was to also showcase their expertise to attract new customers in order to remain competitive.


Although Drill Service has established a solid brand image as experts within the industry offline, it was vital that this was reflected online in order to increase their awareness and attract new customers. In particular, Drill Service wanted greater visibility of their key product lines around reamers, which had languished on page 3 of Google for years – these were clear areas for Add People to help improve.


  • Boost awareness of ‘reamers’
  • Boost search rankings
  • Show expertise


  • Resolve technical SEO issues
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Build out content
  • Enrich the metadata


  • 172% increase in purchase
  • 61% increase in organic visibility
  • 65% uplift in organic traffic year on year
  • Top of page one for ‘reamers’



After carrying out an SEO audit and review, it was made apparent that there were multiple technical SEO issues that occurred on the site that needed to be resolved. This entailed removing dynamic URL’s that were on the website and changing them to static, improving the indexing of content on the site and making visibility to customer easier. We also spent a significant amount of time enriching the Metadata across all main products and categories to increase Click-through-rate, a vital aspect which has led to Drill Service’s success. Alongside this, our specialized SEO team carefully mapped out 3,000 potential keyword opportunities based on PPC and competitor data to inform the overall strategy and help increase exposure to the right potential customers online.

Over the duration of working with Drill Service, our SEO specialists achieved all of the original objectives that Drill Service came to us with! When searching for Reamers, Drill Service now appears top of page 1! This is something which the company had been wanting to achieve for numerous years and we’re thrilled to have helped them achieve this!


“After an SEO audit and review with Add People, we knew exactly what needed to improve and that they were the right agency to do it” – Dave, Drill Service’s Owner.